Weekly Social Ride Schedule

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30am EST

Whether you are training for FOA or just want to turn the pedals with some friends, join us Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7:30 AM ET. Rides will be hosted by our exemplary marshal Bill Soloway. Make sure to follow him on Zwift for an invite!

And join us on Zoom for some extra camaraderie and dad jokes!

Virtual Training with Zwift 

What You Need to Have 

  • Indoor Trainer - Zwift pairs with many smart trainers, check on their website. You don’t need a smart trainer to use Zwift! By utilizing a speed and cadence sensor and/or a power meter you can still use Zwift on a classic trainer or rollers. 
  • Computer/Tablet – Grab your computer or tablet to run the Zwift software. Download the Zwift app. *You can also run Zwift on Apple TV but we will not address that here. 
  • Zwift Companion AppDownload Zwift Companion from your phone’s app store and follow Bill to be invited to our training rides. (More Menu > Find Zwifters > search “Bill Soloway” > tap the orange icon on the right to follow Bill.)

Zwift Ride Leader Bill Soloway

What You Want to Have 

  • Second Screen - Our Zwift virtual ride leaders will be hosting Zoom video conferences during each ride so you can interact with your fellow riders. 
  • Fan –You’ll be surprised how much you sweat when there’s no airflow. Place a large fan in front of your bike to keep you cool and comfortable while you’re in the saddle. As a bonus, it will also bring you back to some of our windier days out on the FOA course!
  • Towel/Floor Mat- Put something underneath your bike and trainer to catch sweat. 
  • Side Table/Desk –You’ll want a surface on which to keep everything easily accessible. 
  • Heart Rate Monitor – While not necessary for Zwift, an HRM is great for training. We recommend a chest strap HRM, but if you already have a wrist-based activity tracker, you may be able to use that instead. Keep in mind you will need an HRM that transits Bluetooth in order to pair it easily to your computer or tablet.

Let's Zwift!

  • Download Zwift - Find the correct version for your device and download Zwift. If you’re new to Zwift, you’ll start out with a free trial. After that it’s $15/month.

  • Log In or Create an Account –Log in or if you don’t have an account yet, click “Create an Account”.

  • Pair Your Trainer – “Paired Devices” screen. If you have a smart trainer, make sure it’s plugged in and wake it up by turning the pedals. More Information

  • Click Search and select your trainer, hear rate monitor, cadence sensor, power meter, etc. depending on which you are using. You don’t need a smart trainer to use Zwift! By utilizing a speed and cadence sensor and/or a power meter you can still use Zwift on a classic trainer or rollers.   

If you are using ANT+ or do not have Bluetooth on your device click here for more information on using a dongle or the Zwift Companion app.

You Are Ready!

You'll receive an invite to the meetup through the companion app. Simply accept the invite and a few minutes before the start time enter the meetup on Zwift. Read more about meetups.

To chat with other riders join the Zoom here:

See you out there!