Everyone is exceptional through teamwork.

2012 Adventure Team Challenge

Adventure Team Challenge Colorado. Tom Nardi photograph.

Our exceptional World T.E.A.M. athlete is not a professional ball player or an Olympic champion, it is you. You can be exceptional when you help a challenged athlete reach the next rest stop of a long bike ride, or master a pitch of a climb. Do you need to be at their side while they participate? Not always – if you do participate, it will be the experience of your lifetime. On our team, the volunteer who helps make an event shine, and the business or individual who funds an athlete’s participation, are all exceptional. It takes all of us to be a team and when you are involved with World T.E.A.M., you will discover you are exceptional.

Individuals can support World T.E.A.M. by participating as a volunteer at events, or by helping fund an athlete’s participation.

Donations to World T.E.A.M.

Your donation can be made to the non-profit World T.E.A.M.‘s general fund to support particular inclusive events, or the organization on an unrestricted basis. Donations may be a one-time donation, or a recurring monthly, quarterly or annual gift. Donations may also be directed to a participating athlete to help him or her meet their fundraising goal for an event. Visit our Donations page for additional information and available options.

Donate to an individual athlete or participating team to help meet fundraising goals. Find the event through our events page.

Donate online today to our general World T.E.A.M. fund through our secure server:

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