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Annual Warrior Ride Proves There is “Life Beyond an Injury”

By B.J. SMALL Editor Gettysburg Times This area will welcome a rolling group of wounded warriors and supporting bicyclists back to Adams County when the “Face of America” ride returns on Sunday, April 17. More than 400 riders, as many as 80 of them military members wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan, will take the two-day, […]

“Bicycle Bill” Rides for Disabled Vets

By Steve Wabnitz, Special to The Journal MARTINSBURG, WV, March 12, 2011 – Bill Czyzewski has found a niche that is a win-win for more than a few parts of his life and for others. Two years ago, he met Steve Miller at the Air Show in Martinsburg. Miller told him about a bicycle that […]

Disabled Iraq War Veteran Gets Inspired… And So Can You

By Eric Frazier, Huffington Post, March 9, 2011 I would never walk again. Though everyone told me to be positive, the cold facts were painful. The news from my doctor was a harsh reality that tore me up inside, leaving me hollow, my mind spinning and my eyes seeing nothing but a vacant future. Inspired […]

USOC Board Approves Addition of Five Members

By Eddie Pells Dec. 16, 2010 –  The U.S. Olympic Committee added five new members to its board of directors Thursday, including former Microsoft executive Robbie Bach, as part of the restructuring of a leadership group that had been widely criticized the past few years. Former John Hancock CEO James Benson, four-time Olympian Nina Kemppel, […]

Arizona Republic – Trek up Himalayan peak raises spirits of Scottsdale veteran

by Mary Beth Faller Nov. 10, 2010: Climbing to the top of a 20,075-foot mountain in Nepal brought Dan Sidles a taste of the adrenaline that years of combat and battle injuries had sapped out of the Iraq war veteran. “With post-traumatic stress, stuff doesn’t catch your attention, and you need that sense of danger to […]

Warrior SOS Interviews Jeff Evans

November 3 COLORADO - One of the aspirations of this trip was to provide a tool for injured military to hear of this story and see the upcoming film to see how their colleagues have accepted their injuries and ventured forth. It's a matter of seeking out challenging projects to keep busy and satisfied. A complacent life is a dangerous one.

ABC World News – Matt Nyman

By BOB WOODRUFF, ENJOLI FRANCIS, SUSIE BANIKARIM and JIM HILL Matt Nyman was told he’d never walk again. He was a Sergeant First Class in the Army in Iraq in 2005 when he lost his right leg and his left foot was crushed in combat. Read more and watch the video about Matt Nyman, a […]

Boulder Daily Camera – Disabled Vets to Himalayas

On May 13, 2008, Steve Baskis was leading a convoy through northern Baghdad while on a mission with the Army’s 4th Infantry Division when the heavily armored truck he was driving hit a sophisticated roadside bomb that sent molten shrapnel through the vehicle’s passenger-side door. Read the full story about the World T.E.A.M. Sports‘ Soldiers […]

Denver Post – Wounded Vets Climbing Back

By Anthony Cotton There are some guys and gals here who have never done anything like this. It will be tough. It’s stressful: you, up on a rock face, hanging on a rope on a piece of ice with a 1,000-foot drop on both sides? It’s some serious stuff, a whole different ballgame. — Jeff […]