Coastal Team Challenge 2014

Along the Long Island Coast

Scheduled Participating Athletes

Beginning at Westhampton Beach on the south coast of New York’s Long Island, five teams of developmentally and physically-disabled athletes and able-bodied coaches will participate in World T.E.A.M. Sports’ Coastal Team Challenge August 19-20. The two day, 22-nautical mile, non-competitive sea kayak journey offers the athletes an opportunity to experience the thrill of sea kayaking along the Atlantic coast in an inclusive, supportive event.

With event partners Independent Group Home Living Program and American Portfolios Financial Services, the Coastal Team Challenge matches ten disabled athletes age 22 to 60 with ten able-bodied coaches. The athletes will paddle two-person sea kayaks, hugging the coast as they travel between Westhampton Beach and Patchogue.

Team Blue Claws


Preston. Image courtesy IGHL.

Preston – A member of the Knights of Columbus and involved with the VFW and church, Preston is a participant of IGHL’s night recreation program. The 60-year-old resident of the IGHL East Moriches IRA house enjoys the culinary arts and has numerous friends. A fan of the New York Mets baseball team, the Quogue native attends the IGHL Flower Barn Day Habilitation site.


Sarah. Image courtesy IGHL.

Sarah – An exceptional athlete with a giving heart, Sarah is an avid swimmer and can scale a rock wall in record time. A resident of IGHL’s Southold IRA house, the 27-year-old dancer and bowler from Port Jefferson Station works at the Cornell Day habitation site in Yaphank. A gifted actress in IGHL talent shows, Sarah is excited and happy about her new niece.

Coaches: Matt Pirrozzi, Richard Antunovich

Team Green Gators


Western. Image courtesy IGHL.

Western – An amateur photographer who loves music and volunteers with the Shelter Island Police and Fire Department, Western is a team member of the IGHL Hurricane basketball team. The 47-year-old native of Shelter Island lives in the IGHL Southold IRA house. He works with the IGHL chef at the Manorville Opportunity Day Habilitation Site and has participated in the Shelter Island 5K race. In 2013, he participated in the East Hampton Law Enforcement Special Olympics Torch Run.

Coaches: Michael Cotts, Frank Lombardi

Team Red Snapper


Cheryl. Image courtesy IGHL.

Cheryl – An active swimmer, Cheryl enjoys working with flowers and plants. The 41-year-old Mid Island native lives at the IGHL Southold IRA House, and works at the IGHL Flower Barn Day Habilitation site in Moriches. Very social, she greatly enjoys helping others. A participant of many IGHL talent and fashion shows, Cheryl loves using her iPad.


Jamie. Image courtesy IGHL.

Jamie – A member of the IGHL Hurricane basketball team, Jamie loves sports. The 30-year-old Mastic native lives at the IGHL Christina Lane IRA house and attends the Camp Paquatuck Day Habilitation program. At the Camp, he feeds and cares for animals. A swimmer active at home and at the local YMCA, Jamie is very dedicated to physical fitness. With his girlfriend Doreen, Jamie attends IGHL and local community social events.

Coaches: Craig Cantara, Bill Phillips

Team White Caps


Alex. Image courtesy IGHL.

Alex – A sports enthusiast who has served as an assistant coach for the Center Moriches Red Devils Varsity Soccer Team, Alex also assists with the IGHL Hurricane basketball team. The 22-year-old from Center Moriches has attended the IGHL Flower Barn Day Habilitation Program for the last year. An active swimmer who enjoys all outdoor activities, Alex is a Boston Red Sox baseball fan.


Tanisha. Image courtesy IGHL.

Tanisha – A swimmer and dancer, Tanisha attends the Mary Haven program in Terryville. The 27-year-old from Bay Shore is a member of the IGHL Hurricane basketball team as well as the Mary Haven Bulldogs. A regular participant of the IGHL night recreation program, Tanisha enjoys making jewelry, cooking, fashion and physical fitness. Tanisha has lived in the IGHL Moriches IRA house for the last five years.

Coaches: Andrew Harman, Ryan Staneck

Team Yellow Fins


John. Image courtesy IGHL.

John – A fan of the New England Patriots football team, John attends the Manorville Opportunity Center Day Habilitation site. The 40-year-old native of East Setauket is active in the night recreation program, as well as many other activities at the IGHL High Hill IRA house. John loves using his iPad and his Xbox game system.


Kevin. Image courtesy IGHL.

Kevin – An avid walker, Kevin serves as the IGHL Hurricane basketball team’s coach. A resident at the IGHL Eastport II IRA house, the 60-year-old Eastport native attends many activities with his girlfriend Edie. Attending the Flower Barn Day Habilitation site in Moriches, Kevin works with flowers and interacts socially in the many programs. Kevin is a fan of the New York Mets and Jets teams; at a Mets’ game, he was honored by being selected to throw out a first pitch.

Coaches: Bill Phillips, Chris Levi

Chris Levi and the sea kayaks.

Veteran and coach Chris Levi (in chair) inspects sea kayaks to be used in the Coastal Team Challenge. Photograph by Alex Rohman.