Adventure Team Challenge Gear List

Participating in World T.E.A.M. Sports‘ Adventure Team Challenge Colorado requires familiarity and use of a variety of technical outdoor sporting goods, including mountain bikes, rafts, zip lines, towing systems and more. In addition, there are several outdoor sport items that will be useful for the competitors in camp and during the event. To succeed in the competition, here is a listing of personal and team equipment for the event, some of which will be supplied by the event organizers. Be sure to review this list regularly, as the race organizers will provide more information up to the beginning of the event.


Personal Equipment

All Time

• Any personal medications, i.e. asthma, Benedryl, etc.

• 1 Hydration system (70 oz minimum)

• 1 set Bike Gloves

• 1 Emergency space blanket

• 1 Waterproof jacket

• 1 Waterproof Bag (dry bag, may be heavy duty garbage bag or similar)

• 1 Whistle

• Sunscreen

• Sunglasses

• Visor for helmet/sunhat (neck protection from sun advised)


• 1 Mountain bike or equivalent (can be shared tandem for blind athletes)

• 1 Bike helmet

Note: Off-road hand cycles provided by race organization. Standard, upright mountain bikes can be rented – World T.E.A.M. Sports has arranged a local vendor.

Water: Raft/Stand Up Paddle Board

• 1 Personal Flotation Device (PFD) (provided by race organization)

• 1 Paddle (provided by race organization)

• 1 Paddling helmet (provided by race organization)

Note: A swim mask, swimming fins and snorkel are not needed for participants of the 2015 Challenge.


• 1 Climbing Harness (for para and quad participants, the Petzl Canyon harness is recommended)

• 1 Rappel device, ATC or Figure 8

• 2 Locking carabiners, must be auto-locking

• 1 Commercially-sewn 18-24 inch circumference slings (1/2 inch minimum)

• 1 Helmet (can use bike helmet)

Helpful Gear Suggestions

• Be sure to clearly identify your gear

• Late September weather in Colorado’s high desert can be very changeable; bring warm clothing for evenings

• Bring a tow system to help your team mates

• Bring patch kits for bikes and one-off hand cycle on day two

• Consider using long-sleeve shirts to provide protection from the sun during the competition

• Magnifying lens/reading glasses for preparing the maps

• Use nail polish removal and a cotton ball to take writing off the Ziploc bag holding your map

• Bring insect repellent for use at camp

• Bring ear plugs for sleeping at night if you are a light sleeper

Team Equipment

All Time

• 1 First aid kit (Adventure Medical Ultralight .3 First Aid Kit or similar available from REI or other outdoor vendors)

• 2 Compasses

• 1 set of maps (provided by race organization)

• No GPS units are required in 2016


• 1 Tire pump & spare tubes or patch kit (team’s discretion)

• 1 Bike multi-tool


• Boats for team – stand-up paddle board (1 per team) and/or raft (provided by race organization)

• 1 Throw bag (provided by race organization)

• 1 Raft guide (provided by race organization)


• No team equipment necessary

Note: Some gear, such as the rappelling device and carabiners, can be shared between team members. Ask if you have questions.