Funny Fundraiser Boosts World T.E.A.M. Sports’ Face of America

By Richard Rhinehart

Holbrook, New York, February 26, 2016 – Seeking to create a unique and effective fundraiser for national non-profit World T.E.A.M. SportsFace of America bicycle ride honoring injured veterans, two employees of Long Island, New York independent broker/dealer American Portfolios Financial Services turned to laughter.

Staff, athletes and volunteers at the Fundraiser.

At the 2016 Comedy Fundraiser. From left: George Taborsky, Patty Brooks, MaryAnn Rosolino, Sarah Bell, and Sandra White. Photograph by Sarah Bell.

With nearly 70 disabled and able-bodied American Portfolios employees riding in the 110-mile two-day journey from the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia to the Civil War battlefields of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, staff members Sandra White and MaryAnn Rosolino wanted to build an appealing event that would effectively help the team meet their fundraising goal. “MaryAnn and I are always looking for different ways to raise money,” said White. “We had been to a couple of comedy shows and decided this would be great for us.”

Working with Governor’s Comedy Club @ McGuire’s in Bohemia, New York, White and Rosolino found the management was helpful in creating the February 24 fundraising event. “McGuire’s has been very good to us and they are really great people to work with,” reported White.

The mother of a Marine who served in Iraq, White felt a need to volunteer as a representative of American Portfolios. “He was very fortunate he came back healthy and in one piece, while others were not so fortunate. This gives me a sense of giving back to others who need these kinds of activities and events to participate in.”

A comedian at the Governor's Comedy Club.

Comedians at the Governor’s Comedy Club provided laughter for the evening. Photograph by Sarah Bell.

White has volunteered annually since 2010 for World T.E.A.M. Sports’ Adventure Team Challenge New York. She also volunteered for the 2012 Sea to Shining Sea cross-country ride, the 2014 CanAm Veterans’ Challenge, and the 2015 Adventure Team Challenge North Carolina. Although she enjoys working with older disabled and able-bodied athletes, her favorite is the New York event at Frost Valley. “The look of excitement on the kids’ faces is one that I will never forget,” she said. “Meeting the incredible parents of these athletes and coming away with some really good friends” provides her with a sense she is helping change lives.

For the 2016 American Portfolios Comedy Fundraiser, White and Rosolino wanted this year’s event to be memorable. “This was our sixth comedy show and each year it gets bigger and better,” said White.

The evening fundraiser at McGuire’s featured comedians Ryan Brook, Rob Colletti, Lori Palminteri, Tim Gage and John Ziegler. Hosted by John Trueson, the program attracted a full house. “It was a lot of fun,” said Trueson.

Sandra White and Richard Humleker.

Sandra White and Richard Humleker from The Center for Discovery at an Adventure Team Challenge New York. Photograph by MaryAnn Rosolino.

Adding an innovative “Face of America Comedy Bowl” for American Portfolios staff members and a bicycle raffle for a Sea Wind Beach Bike, donated by Ray Mulligan and Emerald Document Imaging, this year’s event was particularly effective. “The comedy show fundraiser with bike raffle and Comedy Bowl board took in $7,775.00,” said Rosolino. “After expenses, the profit and donation is $7,585.00. That amount is the highest to date.”

American Portfolio’s business partners helped make the evening a success, Rosolino reported. Partners included Crump Life Insurance Services, Hilton Capital Management, Gerstein Fisher, John Hancock Investments, Congress Asset Management, Nationwide, and Putnam Investments.

With years of experience in creating successful fundraisers for World T.E.A.M. Sports, White and Rosolino believe success is attainable when you determine a plan of action. “It’s just a matter of deciding on what you plan on doing,” White said.

The Comedy Bowl board.

The Comedy Bowl board helped raised funds for the American Portfolios Team. Photograph by MaryAnn Rosolino.

Presented by Capital One Bank, Face of America is supported through sponsorship from American Portfolios Financial Services, Booz Allen Hamilton, Benson Botsford LLC, Brioni, Devens Recycling Center, Freshbikes, Penske Truck Rental, Sila Solutions Group, SUBWAY of the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Three Wire Systems, Vedder Price, and Veteran Corps of America. Additional sponsorship support is forthcoming.

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Note: Team captains interested in creating fundraisers in support of their participation in the Face of America from World T.E.A.M. Sports are encouraged to contact Sarah Bell for additional information and examples.