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Charles Register

Charles Register is a resident of Santa Ana, California and is a participant of World T.E.A.M. SportsSoldiers to the Summit at Snowbird expedition in February, 2012. Born and raised in New York City, Register joined the U.S. Navy in 1963 and stayed with the service until his 1970 retirement.

VP Joe Biden with Charles Register and Maura Nee

Charles Register, left, with Vice President Joe Biden and Maura Nee, a VA nurse from Boston. Photograph courtesy of Charles Register.

Register recalls that he began on a destroyer, USS Lloyd Thomas DD-764, with a home port of Newport, Rhode Island. His travels took him to Europe, Red Sea, and the Caribbean. Later, Register was sent to the USS Truxtun DLGN-35, a nuclear powered missile frigate. He is a plank owner, having served as a member of the crew when the ship was placed into commission. His travels took him to South America and around the horn to Long Beach, California and then to southeast Asia. He served in Vietnam during the war.

Register reports his disabilities “stem from Agent Orange exposure while on the base at DaNang. I have had a kidney transplant, I am legally blind, and am a below the knee amputee, right leg.”

From 1970 through 2002, Register worked for the Federal Aviation Administration in air traffic control. Currently retired, he participates in the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Winter Sports Clinic, Golden Age Games, and Wheelchair Games.

“Sit-ski downhill is my winter sport and swimming is my fair weather sport,” Register said.