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Ada Bauer

Ada BauerAll the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on. – Henry Ellis

Ada Bauer looks to her 16 years as a member of the United States Air Force as an opportunity that allowed her to serve her country. “I have been very blessed in my Air Force career – not too many individuals are able to say that they have traveled the world,” Bauer said.

Excited at the prospect of an Air Force career, the Anasco, Puerto Rico native convinced her parents to sign a waiver, allowing her to serve her country at the age of 17. “I have been stationed at Hurlburt Field and MacDill AFB in Florida; Kunsan AFB, Korea; Lackland AFB, Texas; Little Rock AFB, Arkansas as a Logistic Technician (Supply); and Minot AFB, North Dakota and Incirlik, Turkey as an Education and Training Manager.” In addition, she was deployed to oversea locations such as Italy, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Iraq during her career.

“During my deployment to Iraq, I was a member of the first group of Air Force Airman assigned to fill much needed Army billets,” Bauer recalled. “I was a supply sergeant and ran convoy routes throughout the Sunni Triangle. During my deployment I saw the many ugly faces of war and developed PTSD, which I still suffer from today.”

Despite her wartime experiences in Iraq, the Springboro, Ohio resident maintains a positive attitude. Her interest in participating in World T.E.A.M. Sports‘ February 2012 Soldiers to the Summit Snowbird expedition is to “show myself that there are many activities, in life, which I have yet to attempt, skiing being one. My hopes are that I can find enjoyment in a new activity and it can give me a renewed thirst for life. I truly hope that this event will hold true to what I tell myself almost daily that ‘tomorrow will be better than today’.”

Above profile image courtesy Ada Bauer.