“Bicycle Bill” Rides for Disabled Vets

By Steve Wabnitz, Special to The Journal

MARTINSBURG, WV, March 12, 2011 – Bill Czyzewski has found a niche that is a win-win for more than a few parts of his life and for others.

Bill Czyzewski

Bunker Hill, WV rider Bill Czyzewski will be participating in the Face of America ride this April.

Two years ago, he met Steve Miller at the Air Show in Martinsburg. Miller told him about a bicycle that the Department of Veterans Affairs had bought for Miller because he was an amputee. Czyzewski, who is also an amputee and a veteran, looked into the program at the Martinsburg VA Medical Center, where he has been going since 1977.

That was the year that Czyzewski decided to have the operation that took away the vestige of his leg below the knee. The limb had deteriorated due to a reduced flow of blood after he was wounded in Vietnam seven years earlier.


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