Annual Warrior Ride Proves There is “Life Beyond an Injury”

Gettysburg Times

This area will welcome a rolling group of wounded warriors and supporting bicyclists back to Adams County when the “Face of America” ride returns on Sunday, April 17.

Face of America Washington 2010

Riders in the 2010 Face of America ride. Photograph by Van Brinson.

More than 400 riders, as many as 80 of them military members wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan, will take the two-day, 110-mile challenge from the nation’s Capitol to its most famous battlefield.

“In the Army, somebody’s always got your back; you’ve got 360 (degrees of) protection,” said Army MSgt. John Souza of Duluth, Minn. “Everybody relies on each other when you are down range. You rely on a team and it takes a team effort to accomplish a lot of things. (This ride) is one huge, massive team from all walks of life and all over the country.”

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