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Scott Bilyeu

Scott BilyeuCurrently Resides: San Antonio, TX
Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Formerly Stationed: USAF; Tucson, AZ

“The most rewarding part of this trip will be the time when I can think and enjoy the beauty of this country.”– Scott Bilyeu

It has been six years since U.S. Air Force Pararescue man Scott Bilyeu was injured in Afghanistan. After a severe helicopter crash in 2004, Scott spent years recovering from brain trauma and multiple broken bones; however, he has since rehabilitated himself to where he can was able to participate in the entire 2010 Sea to Shining Sea cross-country trip.

Though Scott still suffers from an inability to multitask, he leveraged his strong will and determination and completed the 4,000 mile bike ride with the same physical strength he once had in the USAF.

With the everlasting encouragement of his wife and child as motivation for the Sea to Shining Sea Ride, Scott was most excited about “showing his son and family that despite the setbacks he has endured, he is still able to meet the demands of extreme challenges.” Having the ability to explore the country means so much to him, while also making new friends with inspiring people along the way.

In addition to meeting new people, Scott looked forward to biking through the more scenic spots such as Moab, where he hiked, rock climbed and “enjoyed the beauty of this country.” Along the way, he also said hello to his friends and family in San Francisco, Iowa and Washington, D.C., while keeping his hundreds of followers on Facebook linked into his exhilarating journey.

Scott participated in the Warrior 100K ride in Texas in late April 2011, riding with President George W. Bush.