Member Profiles

Justin Moore

Justin MooreAge: 27
Hometown: Modesto, CA
Branch of Service: Army National Guard
Status: Honorably Discharged Veteran
Injury Date: 2005
Injury: PTSD, Chronic Lower Back Pain

Justin Moore is a veteran of OIF 3 and was deployed to Southern Baghdad in 2005.  In 2000, he enlisted in the Army as a Fire Support Specialist and was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in early 2004.  As a Member of Det. 1 HHSB 1-487th FA, Justin was attached to C Co. 1-184th INF.  His battalion was assigned to 4th, BDE, 3rd ID in Iraq. As a forward observer, Justin worked with an infantry platoon and conducted numerous patrols, raids, civil affairs missions, convoy security, IED/Route Clearance, Information Operations, etc.

Justin reports his life following 2005 was  “filled with highs and incredible lows. Thanks to a wonderful support system and excellent treatment, I currently regard every aspect of my life and future as a learning opportunity and have a renewed sense of purpose and pride.”

Currently at The Pathway Home, an inpatient treatment facility which treats OIF/OEF veterans with PTSD and TBI in Yountville, CA, he lives in Modesto. Justin enjoys cycling, traveling, and raising his son. Regarding his participation in World T.E.A.M. Sports‘ Soldiers to the Summit expedition in October 2010, he said, “The opportunity to travel to Nepal is like nothing I have previously encountered and not something I could have ever imagined manifesting.”

“I am deeply moved and honored to be included amongst an inspiring group of people for an extraordinary journey.  Awestruck and excited are vast understatements for the given circumstances. In addition to the organizers and sponsors, I thank the staff and my brothers at The Pathway Home, the Modesto Vet Center, The Tug McGraw Foundation, my family, my fiancé Cyrise and our son Henry.  We are completing this trek to the summit together.”