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Joshua S. Davis

Joshua DavisCurrently Resides: Vail, AZ
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Formerly Stationed: USMC – Iraq 2004, 2006

“I love to put energy into things that honor my heroes and help me move forward. The entire ride seems like a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am eager to see how it turns out.” – Joshua Davis

Each time Joshua Davis faced a physical setback in Iraq, he got right back up and continued to put himself to the test; however, since his third brain injury in 2006, the USMC Marine has remained stateside rehabilitating. It is with the 2010 Sea to Shining Sea 4,000-mile trip that he’s about to “put two years of physical therapy for pain control and balance to the test,”

After two serious brain injuries in 2004 – one during a night driving mission and the other in a mine blast, Joshua rehabilitated himself back into able-bodied condition and returned to Iraq in 2006. Shortly thereafter, an IED blast knocked him out of his machine gun post in a Humvee and sent him to a hospital in San Diego for intensive rehabilitation and care. Although his armor protected his body from serious injury, it didn’t stop the blast shock from causing severe brain damage. He still has not recovered some brain functions, like the ability to multitask.

During recovery, Joshua started cycling and fell in love with the sport. By bicycling, he kept himself physically strong. As a result of his injuries, thought, he decided to retire from the military and is now attending college, optimistically in search of an alternate career path.

Joshua looked forward to the 2010 Sea to Shining Sea Ride, because his passion in life is to honor the fallen and injured. More specifically, he dedicated his trip to his friends from the Marines, and all U.S. veterans suffering from PTSD. As he states, “These people all changed my life and saved my life: they are my heroes and I feel I owe my life to the honor of all of them.”

In April 2011, Joshua participated in the first Warrior 100K Ride in Texas, hosted by President George W. Bush.