Center for Discovery’s Adventure TEAM Challenge

World TEAM Sports is pleased to partner with American Portfolios and The Center for Discovery on the Adventure TEAM Challenge event in Frost Valley, New York September 23-26, 2010. The Center for Discovery, located in nearby Harris, New York, offers residential, educational and therapeutic services for both children and adults with a wide range of disabilities.

After the success of World TEAM SportsAdventure TEAM Challenge held in Leadville, Colorado this past June, the Center for Discovery partnered with WTS to create a similar event for their athletes. A four-stage Adventure race including a lake challenge, an orienteering challenge, a climbing challenge up Slide Mountain and a bikers challenge will make up the Adventure TEAM Challenge in New York.

Participants will be divided into 5 teams consisting of two athletes per team, “The Magnificent Ten.” These athletes have a wide range of disabilities, and each team will consist of one wheelchair-bound athlete and one intellectually disabled athlete. The teams will complete the lake and orienteering challenges on Saturday and the Slide Mountain Climbing and bikers challenge on Sunday.